FIVE last-minute exam tips

Here are a few last-minute exam tips to help GCSE, A-level and international students with your exams. Let me know if they work for you – or if you’d add any more 😊

  1. Read the question.

This is the easiest piece of advice to follow, and the easiest to forget. Sometimes we scan a question quickly, spot a few key words and make an assumption about how to answer without reading on. I can’t understate this – please read the question. Read it twice. There might be clues in there. This is particularly important for questions with data and diagrams – make sure you understand what the chart shows before starting on your answer. Continue reading “FIVE last-minute exam tips”

Hiring an online tutor from the UK

Our job is to make hiring a British tutor in the UK as easy as possible for international students. We are currently working with online tutees in Dubai, The USA, China and Europe who are working towards UK exams like GCSE and A-levels as well as IB, IGCSE and International A-levels.

Many of our international students are ex-pats looking to return to the UK, or students who move around a lot.

We work to support their learning, answering questions they may have from taught lessons in international schools. Exam practice is also popular!

Our aim in to support you wherever you are – we are even on hand in-between taught sessions via Skype for troubleshooting on specific topics.

Our sessions are clear and focussed but also supportive and friendly. We are flexible around our student’s lives, fitting in around busy schedules – and time zones! If you are an international student, or perhaps a British ex-pat looking for extra help for your child please get in touch to see if we can help.

Dr John Ankers
Specialist in online biology tutoring

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How to answer A-level biology “evaluate” questions

One of the most popular requests from online A-level Biology students is “How do I answer A-level biology evaluate questions?”

Usually, these questions involve scientific data and a conclusion made by a student, journalist or politician. The idea is to discuss their conclusions and decide how much you agree.

Here are a few tips to try:

1. Don’t be afraid to agree AND disagree

Evaluate questions are usually looking for a balance of your opinions. You probably won’t agree completely, or disagree completely with a conclusion and that’s fine. The good news is there are marks for providing evidence for and against.

2. Look for “sweeping” statements

Usually “evaluate” questions are testing your ability to spot where the “story” in the science has been misinterpreted. Often the conclusion over-reaches – maybe it says a drug “cures lung disease” when the data only shows an effect on cells in dish, or in rabbits rather than humans. Look for places where the conclusion and the data are mismatched. Continue reading “How to answer A-level biology “evaluate” questions”

Why choose online biology tutoring?

Why would you choose online biology tutoring? What benefits are there over in person lessons?

It’s been another successful year for our online A-level Biology tutoring.

For our students, the flexibility of having sessions online from their own homes means they can rearrange session times more easily, and don’t have to rely on Mum or Dad for lifts.

Also I can answer any questions that come to mind in-between sessions via Skype – don’t be afraid to axolotl questions (sorry!).

For us, it means we can offer our services wider than the Liverpool area – I’m now helping students in Europe and China.

If you are considering a little extra help in A-level biology give me a call for a chat, and we’ll see if it’s right for you.

All the best,


Dr John Ankers
Specialist online biology tutor