Online A-Level German Tutoring

Online A-level German tutoringI’m a former Head of Modern Languages and Head of German at schools in the UK. Now I specialise in online A-level German tutoring.

Growing up in Germany, I have a real love for the language. I believe this transfers to my students, and will help towards your A-level German studies.

I work one-to-one with German students in the UK, expats and international students taking International A-level German (IAL) exams.

My one-to-one online A-level German tutoring offers:

An hour of focussed, friendly support with topics you suggest.

Q&A support between sessions – this is very useful leading up to exams!

Essay / long question marking and critique between sessions.

My approach to online A-level German tutoring

online A-level German tutoring

During the A-level German course, the demands of grammar and the more in-depth study of topics can be challenging, as well as structuring and writing longer essays in German. Many students also find speaking in German daunting. I can help.

My online German tutoring sessions are designed to refresh and build on what you know to help you go into your exams feeling confident.

Students often ask for help with the following areas:

  • Grammar (the German case system, adjective endings, prepositions, tenses, the subjunctive, the passive voice).
  • Translation practice into German.
  • Understanding and discussing common A level topics, such as ‘Social issues and trends’, ‘Political and artistic culture’, ‘Multiculturalism’, ‘German reunification’.
  • Guidance on the Independent Research Project (IRP).
  • Speaking – practising one-to-one (where you might not get this individual practice in a classroom) so you feel confident for your speaking exam.
  • Support with the literature or film element of the course.
  • Exam strategy and past paper practice.

Our sessions are completely tailored to you and your needs and I can help you with any aspect of the German course you want help with, however big or small.

I cater for all exams boards including AQA, Pearson Edexcel, WJEC and Cambridge.

My aim is that you leave our sessions happier, with clearer ideas, and walk into the exam confident and calm. You’re in safe hands – I have been teaching A level German for 17 years.

Obviously, our sessions are flexible to your needs. Learn more about my services and fees, or get in touch to discuss how we might work together. For parents, I also offer lessons for adults, including business German tutoring.


Woolton Village, Liverpool, UK