Science and maths tutoring


“Complex ideas can always be made clearer…”

I want to build your confidence in maths and science subjects.

Whether you’re studying for a GCSE or A-level, taking a numeracy test for a new job or planning a thesis, my goal is to make the path clearer for you.

Previous clients have really warmed to the approach of putting you and your needs first (see the testimonials page). With a PhD in Biology and Mathematics, and over 10 years’ experience in cancer and mathematics research, I offer an unique and – hopefully – exciting perspective!

Alongside tutoring I am an award-winning science writer, with a wealth of experience in science communication and editing undergraduate and postgraduate essays and reports. I am very good at making seemingly complex ideas clearer and more accessible.

While tutoring is a big part of what I do (I really enjoy helping clients of all ages to understand tricky concepts), the mentoring side of my job is just as rewarding – helping people with worries about their abilities to become more confident, and sometimes even to have fun!

I also have extensive experience of helping students who are on the autistic spectrum.

My sessions are relaxed, informal and focussed. Please contact me to arrange a free consultation about your needs.