Why choose online biology tutoring?

Why would you choose online biology tutoring? What benefits are there over in person lessons?

It’s been another successful year for our online A-level Biology tutoring.

For our students, the flexibility of having sessions online from their own homes means they can rearrange session times more easily, and don’t have to rely on Mum or Dad for lifts.

Also I can answer any questions that come to mind in-between sessions via Skype – don’t be afraid to axolotl questions (sorry!).

For us, it means we can offer our services wider than the Liverpool area – I’m now helping students in Europe and China.

If you are considering a little extra help in A-level biology give me a call for a chat, and we’ll see if it’s right for you.

All the best,


Dr John Ankers
Specialist online biology tutor


Author: Dr John Ankers

Dr John Ankers is a tutor, coach and writer. For writing and consultancy work, please contact me at John@wooltontutors.co.uk

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