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Academic coaching with Dr John AnkersIn addition to tutoring, we offer academic coaching. We work carefully to help students address stress or anxiety around their school and studies.

At all levels of education and academia, stress and anxiety can get in the way. I offer academic coaching for students of all ages, working with you to improve your wellbeing and outlook. As well as a former academic and tutor, I am a professionally qualified Personal development and wellbeing coach. My aim is to be someone you can trust, independent from any school, college or university.

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Academic coaching at GCSE and A-level
Academic coaching for university students
Coaching for PhD students and academics
Coaching for schools and parents
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Academic coaching at GCSE and A-level

Having worked as a tutor for many years, I’ve seen how mental health can suffer from both academic pressure and life in and around school. Although every student is different, here are some of the approaches I use in coaching:

  • Dealing with and managing powerful emotions
  • Self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Building resilience and trust
  • Empathy and boundaries
  • Managing stress
  • My aim is to support you in gentle, friendly way to set and achieve your goals

I specialise in working with children who have been or are being bullied – a cause close to my heart.

Academic coaching for university studentsAcademic coaching for university students

During my PhD I worked as a mental health advocate and mentor for university students. I’ve seen how wellbeing can fall away over time, leaving studies far from your thoughts. My coaching can help you in:

  • Finding balance in university life
  • Time keeping and setting goals
  • Questioning assumptions and behaviours
  • Planning your next steps
  • Managing stress
Coaching for PhD students and academicsAcademic coaching for PhD students and academics

I spent many years in academia, with a PhD in cellular and molecular biology followed by several years postdoctoral research. I know the path to a PhD has ups and downs and that academic life presents frequent challenges to mental health and wellbeing. I offer:

  • One-to-one independent mentoring and coaching during your PhD.
  • Coaching at crossroads that are frequent in academic careers.
  • Help on managing relationships in academia.
  • Project planning and troubleshooting.

All my support is friendly, private and independent (I work for you, not your institution.) My aim is to be someone you can rely on.

Coaching for senior academics, schools and parents

For more information about my coaching services in these areas, please visit

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