AQA A-level biology masterclasses

A-level biology masterclassesWelcome to our weekly online A-level biology masterclasses, friendly, interactive online tutoring sessions for small groups of motivated students (maximum 6 people).

We have separate sessions for students in Year 12 or Year 13, hosted by Dr John Ankers. We follow the AQA A-level Biology specification (please enquire about other exam boards). Here are some details:

17:30 pm GMT Tuesday evenings for Year 12 students
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17:30 pm GMT Wednesday evenings for Year 13 students
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  • A-level biology masterclasses are £35 per weekly session.
  • We cover AQA A-level Biology topics each week with some weeks devoted to exam questions and problem-solving.
  • Along the way. we’ll cover exam technique, including with “describe and explain”, “evaluate” and “application” questions.
  • A seminar-style discussion lets you hear fresh perspectives and novel ways to approach the topics.
  • Sessions run with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 participants.
  • I offer a free “ask an expert” service to all students throughout the week via Skype chat.
  • Take a look at more general information and practicalities of our masterclass sessions.
Schedule for Year 12 AQA A-level biology masterclasses 2024/2025

All sessions at 5:30PM on Tuesday evenings (please arrive online 5 minutes before if possible)
Email to book your place.

01/10/24 Welcome to Year 12, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells and GCSE vs A-level
08/10/24 Cells, organelles and microscopes (and a glimpse at how research works)
15/10/24 Review, exam technique and Q&A
22/10/24 Biological molecules: Monomers, polymers and carbohydrates
05/11/24 Biological molecules: Lipids and food tests (and how to remember them!)
12/11/24 Biological molecules: Proteins and examples including enzymes
19/11/24 Review, exam technique and Q&A
26/11/24 More biological molecules: Water and  Inorganic ions
03/12/24 More biological molecules: Structure of DNA and RNA, ATP
10/12/24 DNA replication
17/12/24 Review and (festive!) Q&A
07/01/25 Mitosis, binary fission and good vs “bad” biology
14/01/25 Cell membranes and transport across them
21/01/25 Digestion and absorption and how to think across topics
28/01/25 Review, exam technique and Q&A
04/02/25 The immune system and vaccines
11/02/25 HIV, viruses and antigenic variation
18/02/25 Surface area to volume ratio, exchange and adaption, and gas exchange in insects and fish
25/02/25 Gas exchange in Humans, lung disease and data interpretation and evaluate questions
04/03/25 Haemoglobin and oxygen dissociation and rafts
11/03/25 Review, exam technique and Q&A
18/03/25 Mass transport in animals, Circulation and Tissue fluid
25/03/25 The heart and the Cardiac Cycle, and crossing points
01/04/25 Mass transport in Plants – water, the Xylem and experimental techniques
08/04/25 Mass transport in Plants – the phloem and evidence vs proof
15/04/25 Review, exam technique and Q&A
22/04/25 DNA, genes and chromosomes: the genetic code
29/04/25 Protein synthesis (transcription and translation and the most important thing in biology)
06/05/25 Review, exam technique and Q&A
13/05/25 Genetic diversity, mutations and the engine of meiosis
20/05/25 Genetic diversity, adaptation and natural selection
27/05/25 Species,  taxonomy and investigating variation
03/06/25 Biodiversity within a community & Review/ Q&A
10/06/25 Planning experiments, and end of Y12 Q&A
Schedule for Year 13 AQA A-level biology masterclasses 2024/2025

All sessions at 5:30PM on Wednesday evenings (please arrive online 5 minutes before if possible)
Email to book your place.

02/10/24 Welcome to Y13, Photosynthesis I – a big upgrade from GCSE
09/10/24 Photosynthesis II – and analysing experiments
16/10/24 Respiration
23/10/24 Review on photosynthesis vs Respiration and Q&A
30/10/24 Energy and Ecosystems
06/11/24 Nutrient Cycles
13/11/24 Stimulus and response – Nervous communcation
20/11/24 Stimulus and response – plant hormones
27/11/24 Examples of Receptors (and a brief look ahead at how nerves work)
04/12/24 Control of heart rate and (festive!) Q&A
11/12/24 Nerves and impulses
18/12/24 Synapes and the importance of timing
08/01/25 Neuromusclar junctions and muscles (and microscopes)
15/01/25 exam technique and Q&A
22/01/25 Homeostasis and negative feedback
29/01/25 Control of blood glucose concentration
05/02/25 The kidney, control of waste and blood water potential
12/02/25 Inheritance and genetic diagrams that make predictions
19/02/25 Inheritance II – linkage and epistasis and how to break a model
26/02/25 Hardy Weinberg, natural selection and speciation
05/03/25 Populations in ecosystems and succession
12/03/25 Mutations and cancer and stem cells
19/03/25 Control of transcription and translation
26/03/25 Epigenetics and the future of medicine
02/04/25 Using genome projects (and why?)
09/04/25 Recombinant DNA technology
16/04/25 DNA Probes and genetic fingerprinting – the end!
23/04/25 Practice papers, essays and prep for exams


Please do get in touch for a chat about your needs and whether our masterclass sessions are right for you.

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