Online German tutor – GCSE, A-level and adult learners

Online A-level German tutoringHi! I’m Sammy. I am a qualified teacher and former Head of German and Head of Languages with over 17 years’ experience teaching languages in UK schools and as an online German tutor. I also have extensive experience tutoring adults who want to learn or improve their German. I grew up in Germany and love the language and culture.

GCSE and iGCSE German tutoring

I cover all exam boards, including AQA, Pearson Edexcel, Eduqas and Cambridge, and also teach International GCSE (IGCSE).

Whether you need help to secure a top grade, or if you need some extra support to pass your German exam, I can help. Having taught languages for so long I understand the difficulties language learners can face and want to help you succeed. Together we can find and fill any gaps in your knowledge, and I can support you with grammar, vocabulary and exam technique. I can train you for your speaking exam (I have conducted lots of these :-)) and give you a safe, supportive place to practise without worrying about making mistakes.

Our sessions are completely tailored to you and your needs. Students often come to me for help with:

Boosting grades – perhaps you want to achieve a grade 9, or move from grade 4 to grade 5 to secure a place in 6th form.
Speaking in German – even though it’s the shortest exam, the speaking exam is something many students feel very nervous about. We can work on this together, in sessions where you feeI comfortable, working on pronunciation, your range of language and your confidence.
Grammar support – students often find some aspects of German grammar hard (for example, forming verbs in different tenses, word order, adjective endings). We can break down what you find tricky, practise and improve your accuracy.
Past paper practice – focusing on exam technique in the listening, reading and writing sections of the exams.

Dictation and reading aloud – this is a new skill on the updated GCSEs and will apply to students starting the first year of their GCSE German in September 2024 (to be examined in 2026).

Fees for GCSE and iGCSE German lessons:
One-to-one: £50 per hour
Small groups: please contact to discuss
A level German and International A level (IAL) Online German tutoring

business GermanThe step up from GCSE German to A level German is a big one, as is the step up from AS to A level, and students often find they need help to bridge the gap. Students commonly come to me for help with these areas:

Grammar – students are often often overwhelmed by the greater emphasis on grammar at A level compared to GCSE. If you don’t know where to start with the German case system, adjective endings, prepositions, tenses, the subjunctive, the passive voice – don’t panic! I can help 🙂
Translation practice into German – applying the grammar you know to be able to translate accurately.
Topic areas – We can talk about and deepen your understanding of common A level topics, such as ‘Social issues and trends’, ‘Political and artistic culture’, ‘Multiculturalism’, ‘German reunification’, as well as keeping up-to-date with what is happening in the German-speaking world right now.
Independent Research Project (IRP) – I can offer you guidance on this important part of the A2 speaking exam.
Speaking – we can practise one-to-one (where you might not get this individual practice in a classroom) so you feel confident for your speaking exam.
Support with the literature or film element of your A2 course – I can help you with essay writing skills and offer you feedback on your written work.

Exam strategy – looking at past papers and what the examiners are looking for in your answers, so that you gain valuable marks in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Fees for A-level German lessons:
One-to-one: £75 per hour

Small groups: please contact to discuss
Online German tutoring for adults

online A-level German tutoring

German is an important language in the EU and for business, and so some of my clients come to me to improve their business German. Often they work for a German company and would like to be able to communicate with German-speaking colleagues better, on business trips to Germany or in online meetings.
Perhaps you and your family are relocating to a German-speaking country, or have German-speaking family members or friends.
If you are looking for a qualification for your German language skills, I can help you prepare for CEFR exams in German, too.
Whether you are an absolute beginner or already have some experience of German, I can help. Our sessions will be tailored to exactly what you want and need, so that you can make quick progress and feel confident.
Fees for German lessons for adults:
One-to-one: £50 per hour
Couples (perhaps friends, family, partners, colleagues): £60 per hour
Other small groups: please contact to discuss
What you can expect from an online German tutoring session:

Fun, supportive sessions where you feel at ease to make mistakes
A variety of activities tailored to you to help you learn quickly
Flexibility so that you get what you want from a session
Lots of practice on topics of your choice
Extra help and support between sessions

Learning a language brings with it so many positives and is also a lot of fun! Please contact me if you have any questions, I am happy to help 🙂



Sammy Ankers BA, PGCE, MEd

Specialist online German Tutor
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Woolton Village, Liverpool, UK