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Ask a scientist

It’s natural to have questions after a school lesson or while you are revising.

We love answering your questions! Sign up for ‘Ask a scientist’ and John will happily reply to any question you have 24/7 via text, Skype or email (your choice). The aim is to make things clearer for you outside of lesson time.

Questions you might ask*:

Can you explain how DNA replication works, please?”,
Can you help me understand what this exam question is asking?
What’s wrong with my answer here?

How it works:

1.Get in touch to ask about signing up
2. Subscribing to ‘Ask a scientist’ costs £20 per month (it’s FREE for our all our tutees)
3. Start sending us questions on Skype, Whatsapp, text or email
Send your question any time of the day or night and we will reply within 24 hours (and often within the hour).

Here are some students we’ve helped:

Ask a scientist
‘Ask a scientist’ for help with any topics day or night via Whatsapp, text, email or Skype (shown).
You might also ask us to:
  • Clarify something you’ve been taught
  • Give feedback on your answer to an exam paper question or explain a mark scheme
  • Offer advice on how to approach questions to get all the marks

*Obviously we cannot help with assessed work, but we can definitely help you to understand the surrounding topics, or answer similar questions. 😊

Ask a scientistMore details on ‘Ask a scientist’…
  • Ask a scientist‘ offers text-based Q&A with a PhD-qualified scientist and tutor
  • It can work alongside tutoring, or alongside schooling (or home schooling) to give extra reassurance.
  • Fast, friendly answers to any questions you have about topics.
  • Added reassurance and confidence of “someone else to ask”.
  • It works through email, SMS, WhatsApp or Skype (preferred)
  • We support AO1, AO2 and AO3 assessment outcomes
  • Catering for GCSE and A-level
  • Covering Maths, Physics, Chemistry and biology
  • ‘Ask a scientist’ is FREE for all of Woolton Tutors’ one-to-one and masterclass students
  • Or you can subscribe to ‘Ask a scientist’ separately (for £20 per month)

Please get in touch to discuss. Speak to you soon 🙂


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