A-level biology summer school – get a head start on next year

Online A-level Biology tutor

We’re running our online A-level biology summer school to help you get a head start on the new school year.

Whether you’re making the transition from GCSE to A-levels (and we have a blog that may help), or heading towards your exam year and the more detailed topics in Year 13, I can help!

Our online A-level biology summer school offers you:
  • Friendly, one-to-one daytime sessions available between June to August at a reduced price compared to term-time sessions. (£55 compared to £75)
  • Alternatively, our weekly masterclass sessions with a small, friendly group will also be running throughout the summer. (£30 compared t0 £35)
  • Help and Q&A available in-between sessions as always for my students.
  • Sessions are flexible around you and your summer holiday plans 🙂
For A-level Biology students about to start Y12 (AS):
  • Get a head start on biological molecules, cells, DNA and other topics you’ll meet in the first year of A-level biology.
  • Gently make the transition from GCSE to A-level, seeing where the course builds on what you already know.
  • Get answers to any questions you might have about the course, or the science itself.
  • Top up your maths skills ready for the “maths for biologists” aspect of the A-level course.
  • Explore the different types of questions that come up in mocks, class tests and the A-level exams themselves.
  • Put A-level biology topics into context, reflecting on the latest research, career ideas, and university prospects.
For A-level biology students entering Year 13 (A2):
  • Recap your Year 12/ AS biology learning, with “troubleshooting” on any topics you find challenging.
  • Get a head start on Year 13 topics that delve deeper into DNA, genetics and the nervous system.
  • Work on skills you need for the A-level biology exams –
    Learning (approaching and remembering biological “facts”)
    Understanding (feeling comfortable and confident with the processes of life)
    Presenting (putting your knowledge on paper in a way that gets you the marks you deserve)
  • Focussing on the assessment outcomes (AO) of the major exam boards.
  • Work on specific aspects of the exam, such as “evaluate” questions, “application” questions and exam technique.
  • Practice and receive feedback on answers to longer questions (or essays for AQA paper 3).
  • Boost your confidence ahead of the new term.

If this sounds useful, get in touch for a chat about your needs and we’ll take it from there.

All the best,


Dr John Ankers is a specialist online A-level biology tutor, coach and writer


Author: Dr John Ankers

Dr John Ankers is a tutor, coach and writer. For writing and consultancy work, please contact me at John@wooltontutors.co.uk

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